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Knowing a bit of our technological process may help You with saving money, time or both and more. Therefore we invite You to take a glance at our tips.


If we look from above at complexity level of printing onto chocolate then we get the following picture: printing with just 1 color on white chocolate is fastest, easiest and cheapest to produce, however, printing a full colored image (4:0 CMYK) is the most time consuming, complicated and expensive to produce process. So, anything in between is a gradient of these 3 components. This is one of the reasons many competitor companies print only on white chocolate. This can give You a false impression that they offer the same services as we do, especially if You start comparing their prices (white chocolate with print) and our prices (dark chocolate with print), single color and multi color respectively. These things are not to be compared. We don’t have limitations at all.


Of course we use factory machines but the process is not automated. There’s a significant amount of work done by hands which is why we consider our products to be handmade and what makes our products exclusive.


Providing us with .ai, .eps or .pdf or analogous industry-standard vector files of graphics to be printed onto chocolate will save You and us a lot of time and hence speed up the delivery of Your chocolates. This is one of the good reasons to use webshop - You just attach the logo, select the desired product and fill in precision details. That’s all we need to start working on Your project.


It's always best to place an order one month prior to when You need chocolates on Your hands. This ensures stress-safe working environment for us. That way You will help both us and Yourself.


Your product is being made when You order it. This not only means printing but everything - chocolate tempering and shaping, printing, box creation and wrapping it all up. Chocolate shelf life starts here.


When You received Your order make sure You transport it in an air-conditioned space as chocolate can melt unless You are holding our tenable package which protects Your chocolate from unwanted external conditions. If You are in a country where high temperature is not an issue then You can neglect this fact.
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